1984 by George Orwell is often a required read in North American high schools and remains popular among young adults who read it again due to its literary relevance, often in hope of rediscovering its hidden messages. With that in mind, I wanted to target 14-30 years old, and I was inspired by the design of the first cover editions of this masterpiece. 
The ripped paper on the front cover symbolizes the entries that Winston, the protagonist of the novel, must write in his diary before anyone else finds it and reads it (censorship and secrecy). As the main color, I have used a bright red with a paper texture overlaying, to express a sense of oppression and the totalitarianism of this dystopian society.
This cover contrasts modern elements with classic references to a story that remains very relevant in today’s world. The design speaks to the central theme of censorship, which will be recognizable to those familiar with the novel and will invite new readers into Orwell’s dystopian world.

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