Mother Hulda represents a groundbreaking venture in Vancouver's nightlife, merging the allure of a speakeasy with the enchantment of a fairy tale forest. This exclusive establishment is set to redefine immersive entertainment, drawing inspiration from the storied realms of the Grimm brothers' folktales. 
Nestled within the whimsical confines of the fictitious Grimm's Motel, Mother Hulda offers patrons a unique entryway into its mysteries: a riddle-locked door hidden behind a phone booth, demanding wit and curiosity for entry.
The Challenge
Creating a compelling visual identity for a speakeasy is a task riddled with paradoxes. The establishment thrives on secrecy and exclusivity, yet it must attract a wide enough audience to sustain its mystique. The challenge was to market Mother Hulda in a way that sparked interest and intrigue without divulging its carefully guarded location or the full extent of the experience awaiting inside.
The Strategy
A multi-faceted marketing strategy was deployed to navigate this challenge, focusing on intrigue and interaction. The city of Vancouver became a canvas for an engaging scavenger hunt, adorned with posters inscribed with riddles hinting at the speakeasy's location. These posters, featuring QR codes, served as portals to Mother Hulda's online presence, weaving the digital with the physical in a quest for discovery. Social media platforms buzzed with whispers of the enchanted forest, fueling anticipation and speculation among potential patrons.
The Logo

This logo for the speakeasy  Mother Hulda is a stylized design that has a modern and somewhat abstract flair. It features a central figure that appears to be a caricature of a matronly woman with a slightly grumpy expression. Her face is composed of minimalistic shapes, with a curved line for a frown and dots for the eyes, creating an almost comical effect. Above her, there's a pattern resembling a night sky with stars and a crescent moon, invoking a mystical or nocturnal atmosphere.
The figure is wearing what seems to be a cloak or shawl decorated with stars, which adds to the whimsical and perhaps magical theme. In her possession is a key, which she holds in a prominent position, symbolizing her role as the gatekeeper or protector of the secrets within the speakeasy. The presence of the key suggests exclusivity and the idea that one must be granted permission by Mother Hulda to enter.
The Solution

The power of Mother Hulda lies in its logo. The figure of Mother Hulda herself is crafted to be both grumpy and enigmatic, mirroring the speakeasy’s alluring mystique. In her hand, she holds a key – a compelling symbol that serves dual purposes: it represents the literal unlocking of the speakeasy’s hidden delights and acts as a metaphor for the unlocking of new experiences and the transformative journey patrons will embark upon. The inclusion of a butterfly in the design introduces a layer of profound symbolism, representing metamorphosis and change. 
It speaks to the transformative experience of the speakeasy, suggesting that within its walls, anything can happen and one can emerge anew. The butterfly complements the story of Mother Hulda, adding depth to the narrative and encouraging interpretations that go beyond the visual.