The Sinking City Brewery, positioned on the Kwantlen Polytechnic University's Richmond campus, introduces SIREN'S SIP, a beer series that marries the enigmatic charm of mythology with contemporary flair. 
Targeting University students and the local community, this series draws inspiration from the captivating allure of sirens, infusing each brew with a sense of enchantment.
The packaging design features three mermaids, each symbolizing a unique beer flavor, inviting consumers into a mythical narrative. The design embraces a retro-futuristic aesthetic, with vibrant colors, sleek lines, and dynamic illustrations that transport drinkers to a world where tradition and innovation converge. The use of comic book-inspired typography infuses the series with a playful, adventurous spirit. 
Once upon a time, in a world of enchantment, there existed a trio of lovely sirens dwelling on a mystical island. Each siren possessed a unique gift: one could sing a melody so lovely that it would cause all your woes to disappear; another could concoct a potion that would carry you to a state of rapture, and the third could evoke visions of distant lands and adventures. 
One day, a group of inquisitive scholars happened upon the island and were spellbound by the call of the sirens. They were given a sip of the sirens' magical brew and were instantly transported to a realm of awe and imagination. With every drink, the imbiber is transported to a universe of sorcery and enigma, where anything is attainable. So, if you should hear the call of the sirens, do not resist, answer it and let yourself be taken to a realm of fabled marvel.
Whilst enjoying a gathering by the seaside, a gathering of collegiate scholars happened upon a tempting siren. She presented them with a mystical concoction, touting its ability to deliver unprecedented heights of pleasure. After consuming the potion, they were transported to a state of euphoria previously unknown to them. Blissr vanished into the waves, leaving the scholars in a state of enraptured disbelief. They pledged to return to the coast, in search of Blissr from time and time.
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On a pleasant afternoon, a gathering of university scholars from British Columbia fortuitously encountered an enigmatic siren. Her enchanting melody was so mesmerizing that it made them disregard their studies. They generously presented her with an IPA-style beer, which she accepted. They exchanged tales, guffaws, and brews. The siren found solace in the company of the youth. As the sun began to dip, the scholars realized that their worries had slipped away. The siren bid them adieu.
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A cluster of collegiate comrades set off on a jaunt down the Western shores, with some pale ales, yearning for excitement. While cruising, they stumbled upon a spine-chilling tune. It originated from a siren, she evoked thoughts of distant realms. They imbibed with her and exchanged tales of their aspirations. However, the mermaid's melody grew tempting, and they found it hard to withstand. Eventually, they departed, grateful for the encounter.
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