In this video editing project, I was tasked with capturing the essence of years 2021/2022 —a period marked by significant global events, through a compelling visual narrative. 
My mission was to create a visual timeline that not only documented these pivotal moments but also conveyed the emotional depth and resilience of humanity during these challenging times. To achieve this, I meticulously curated over 80 clips from diverse sources including TV news, social media, movies, shows, and CCTV footage, ensuring a comprehensive portrayal of the year's most impactful events.
Central to my narrative was the integration of Maya Angelou's iconic poem, "Still I Rise," serving as the project's soundtrack. This choice was deliberate; Angelou's words echo the undying spirit of resilience and hope, reminding viewers of our collective ability to overcome adversity. This project stands as a visual testament to the year 2021/2022, aiming to inspire awareness and action by highlighting the power of perseverance in the face of hardship.