The proposed museum exhibition, "Uncovering the Truth" a video timeline of Canada's Residential Schools, in collaboration with The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, aims to remember the tragic history of Canada's Residential School System. The exhibition seeks to educate the public on the dark history of residential schools and to encourage empathy toward those who experienced it.
The exhibition will begin with a video that I have edited and animated to showcase a timeline of Canada's Residential Schools' history. The video will be shown on an older television set from the 50s to create a connection to the past and add an authentic feel to the exhibit. Guests will watch the video before entering the main exhibition to better understand the chronological timeline of Residential Schools, which can be a difficult topic to grasp.
The exhibition will showcase a variety of artifacts, including photos, personal accounts, and other historical items that represent the experiences of those who lived through the Residential School System. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the harmful impacts of Residential Schools on Indigenous peoples and their culture. The exhibition will also highlight the steps that have been taken toward reconciliation and healing.
By creating an exhibition that explores Canada's Residential School history in a sensitive and respectful way, I hope to create a space where visitors can reflect on the past, learn about the truth of this history, and take away a deeper understanding of this important issue.
If you want to know more, visit The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation website at:
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